Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyrights and trademarks deals with the legal processes surrounding intellectual property protection.

A trademark protects names, phrases and symbols used to identify the source of goods and/or services in the market.

A copyright protects original creative works such as books, movies, songs, paintings, photographs, web content and choreography.

JEP lawyers working on Copyrights and Trademarks provide services that may include:

  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Drafting intellectual property agreements
  • Responding to cease and desist notices
  • Registering trademarks
  • Disputing Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violations
  • Clifford Helm

    Helm Business Law

    Cliff Helm is a Chicago area attorney and JEP alumnus specializing in small business law, non-profit law, music and the arts, and community development. His practice is dedicated to supporting people as they start and maintain small businesses and non-profits. In addition, he is an advocate for responsible community development through the use of Community Benefits Agreements. Cliff was placed at the Law Project (part of the Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law) and worked with non-profits, small businesses, and community coalitions. After the placement concluded, he continues to volunteer for the Law Project through its weekly help desk and by representing clients pro bono. Cliff can be reached at 773.417.6409 or

  • Florence Hardy

    Law Offices of Florence E. Hardy

    Florence Hardy is an alumni member of the JEP. Florence began her career as a business consultant and obtained a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship from DePaul University before entering the legal field. Florence is a graduate of the John Marshall Law School and a certified mediator. She provides clients customized attention in the area of business law including such services as entity formation, succession planning, contracts and transactions (including sales, mergers and acquisitions), business licensing and permit assistance and copyright and trademark registrations. Florence can be reached at (773) 245-3569 or